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Multimedia – digital Platform Starvision was founded on the ground of Radio Station STAR FM 93.9. in January 2015.

The Platform is founded by GAA Holding.

GAA Holding” is 25 years old unity of Companies and it includes different business directions:

Business and Marketing Consulting, Automobile Trading and Service, International Advertising Agencies and General Trading.

Multimedia Platform “Starvision” includes:

Cable, Satellite and Online Television
Radio Station “STAR FM 93.9” and Online Radio
Information Agency and Portal
Application Communicator for IPhone and Android devices.
The Work principle of News Department:

Stravision has established the Information Agency Functions of the Agency are: getting and broadcasting operative, exclusive, balanced and unbiased information, audio, video footage and photos through Television, Radio and Web Site.

News Programs of Television and Radio (Starvision and STAR FM 93.9) are on air every hour.

Text versions of information are spread on Internet Portal

Facebook Page of Newsday and also on Facebook Page of Radio STAR FM 93.9, that has more then 400 000 followers.

If you want to receive the latest news, interesting and funny information, listen to the best music, become the participant of getting and sharing process of information, you have to watch Starvision, listen to the Radio STAR FM 93.9 and read our internet portals.

We suggest you Mobile Application-Communicator of Starvision, which lets you to get all these services together.

Download the Application in you Iphone or Android for free and enjoy with all resources of Starvision.

Take a photo or Video of current event with your Mobile Phone or Tablet and send it to our E-mail. E-mail us about interesting event, become out Reporter. The best information will be shared in the Multi-Media space immediately. Qualified and permanent reporter will be presented.